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akua sonic cleaner

akua sonic cleaner

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An ultrasonic cleaner that's kind to your timeless jewelry, and beautifully minimalistic to match your everyday decor.

Plug Type
gentle deep clean

gentle deep clean

gets into all the nooks

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quick cleaning cycles

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  • access jeweler-grade cleaning power
  • in stock - ships out in 24 hours

safe to clean

metals. yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum.

many types of gold. solid gold, gold filled / rolled gold, gold vermeil.

hard, non-porous, untreated gemstones. diamonds, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, citrine.

all types of jewelry. necklaces, engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, brooches.

    makeup tools. brushes, eyelash curlers, mascara wands, beauty blenders, tweezers.

    dental products. aligners, dentures, mouth guards, toothbrushes.

      eyewear. reading glasses, sunglasses, goggles.

        Visit our What Can You Clean Guide for a more comprehensive list

        how to use

        1. Add water into the tank

        2. Lather your jewelry in the specially formulated Jewelry Cleansing Foam (or dishwashing liquid)

        3. Plug machine in with the included power cord

        4. Tap the highlighted button to turn on, and slide jewelry in (short tap for 3 minute cycle, and long tap for 5 minute cycle)

        5. Dry off with soft cloth (optional: add shine with the 2-in-1 Polish Cloth)

        what's new?

        With our new Akua Sonic Cleaner release, we've included some upgrades and popular customer requests:

        refreshed look. same compact form factor with a whole lot more refined minimalism. Now with a larger tank capacity and integrated touch controls.

        power upgrade under the hood. 45000Hz is a whole lot more powerful with our improved ultrasonic transducer.

        clean storage. back by popular request, we're bringing the lid back for dust-less and sleek storage

        additional cycle length. choose between 3 minutes or 5 minutes of cleaning cycles depending on type, number, and contamination level of items

        Note: There has been a flood of counterfeits in the market. Please beware that many are scams or are shipping extremely low quality goods. If you have questions about a cleaner's quality, reach us at for help.

        tech specifications

        Material: 304 Stainless Steel
        Frequency: 45000Hz
        Capacity: 9.5oz (280ml)
        Weight: 0.85lbs (380g) 
        Power Supply:  AC100-240V

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        tarnish-inducing contaminants stand no chance

        Unrestrained by intricate details or tight crevices, Akua Sonic's ultrasonic cleaning reaches deep to remove micro contaminants that dull and tarnish your jewelry.

        Watch as microscopic bubbles gently and mesmerizingly lift years of dirt, sweat, oils and grime build up from your favorite pieces.


        jewelry, dental + medical professional approved

        Ultrasonic cleaning is typically used in fields where cleanliness is of the utmost importance, like in medical and dental practices. Us jewelry people are a little extra. We make sure our investment pieces last a lifetime.

        The Akua Sonic cleaner provides professional-grade cleaning in a beautiful, compact sized format suitable for personal use.

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        oh yes, we clean so much more than jewelry

        From diamond engagement rings and intricate gold vermeil bracelets, to plaque-filled aligners and your dirtiest eyeglasses, the Akua Sonic Cleaner is more than equipped for the challenge.

        The machine is so versatile it can even clean makeup brushes, earbud tips, pacifiers, coins and drill bits. Check out our What Can You Clean Guide for more.


        What’s wrong with using a toothbrush or soap and water to clean jewelry?

        Cleaning jewelry with brushes can be abrasive and cause long-term damage to jewelry. Soap and water while gentle, does not do a great job especially with pieces that have intricate design or tight crevices. 

        Akua’s ultrasonic cleaning technology gently removes contaminants that shorten your jewelry lifespan at a microscopic level to keep your pieces shining for longer.

        Will the Akua Sonic Cleaner cause damage to my jewelry?

        Our Akua Sonic cleaner will not cause damage to jewelry when it is used properly. Gold, silver, rose gold, gold filled and gold vermeil jewelry can be cleaned. Clean only jewelry that can be submerged in water, does not have loose stones and does not have soft or porous stones (e.g. opal, amber, onyx). 

        Exercise caution when cleaning low quality plated or costume jewelry. These pieces often lose color even with regular use, or contain glue that will loosen in water. Check out the What Can You Clean Guide for full details.

        Shipping & Returns

        We offer 30 days return, and cover any defects or damaged items - very rare! You’re covered in our Refund Policy.

        USA orders ship with FedEx & USPS. Delivery times are 2-5 Days. For the rest of the world, our average delivery time is 9 days, and shipping is free!  We always do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible 😊. Feel free to visit our Shipping Policy if you have further questions.

        Can't find the answer you're looking for? Email us at and we'd be happy to help 🙂
        free priority shipping

        free priority shipping

        professional deep clean

        professional deep clean

        Easy 30 Day Returns

        Easy 30 Day Returns