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The Akua Sonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, Reviewed.

If you were looking for the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, we’d have to say you’re looking in the right place 😉

We love the Akua Sonic Cleaner, from its aesthetic minimalist look, to the gentle and satisfying deep cleanse. It’s one of the best secret weapons in jewelry care that should be brought out from the shadows of the jewelry makers and sellers, to the jewelry lovers.

And it’s not just us that love it. Here’s what some jewelry lovers had to say:

Akua Sonic Cleaner is a well-constructed, quality cleaner made for jewelry and accessories. Not just some $40 poorly made one you found on TikTok.

high quality 45000Hz ultrasonic jewelry cleaner akua sonic

From its construction quality and minimalist aesthetic, to the thoughtful 45,000Hz and double transducer, the Akua Sonic Cleaner is one for the jewelry lovers. At 45,000Hz, it’s the gold standard for jewelry cleaning - gentle enough to clean delicate pieces, yet tough enough to remove contaminants. 

How to clean gold rings with cloudy appearance? Ask Jessica.

clean gold rings cloudy dirty diamond akua sonic

Did we mention we specialize in bringing back the shine? Contaminants like grime, sweat, oils, lotions and dirt build up with regular use. If not removed often, they tend to attract more and more contaminants, giving your jewelry a surface cloudy appearance. It can be hard to remove this layer as jewelry crevices tend to be so small. That’s when Akua Sonic Cleaner comes in handy. Without size and reach restraints, it can reach all the smallest, most complicated design details to perform a deep clean.

Whether it’s 22K gold jewelry or 14K gold jewelry, make sure they’re cleaned regularly to avoid tarnish. Yes - these gold jewelry will still tarnish! They are not pure 24K gold, so they are alloys that are prone to tarnish.

An aesthetic, functional, and (importantly) thoughtful gift for your romantic partner

thoughtful gift for romantic partner, wife, fiance engagement gift akua sonic 

When the gift hits the gifts, time and service love languages all at once? Keeper 👌. Akua Sonic Cleaner is functional, multi-use, mess-free and has the aesthetics to match any decor. Whether it’s a wedding gift idea or an engagement gift for friend you’re looking for, there are no better occasions to gift an Akua Sonic Cleaner.

Tay Tay’s not the only one who can *shake it off*

cartier ring cleaning dior hermes ultrasonic cleaner akua sonic

Whether it’s oils, sweat or daily grime, the Akua Sonic Cleaner is really effective at removing all these tarnish-inducing contaminants. Many jewelry cleaning methods are restrictive, don’t reach all the small nooks and require chemicals that still don’t really get into the crevices. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on the other hand, reach where the water reaches, is done in less than 5 minutes, and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. 

Sorry ladies, Akua Sonic is not just for you. We’re great for cleaning men’s jewelry too!

clean mens stering silver jewelry akua sonic

Akua Sonic Cleaner is your perfect tarnish-fighting sidekick. Whether it’s a sterling silver jewelry cleaner you’re looking for, or how to clean diamond ring at home, the ultrasonic cleaner is an easy, sure method to keep tarnish at bay with regular cleans.

No more expensive and cumbersome trips to find a jeweler for cleans. Get the professional clean right at home!

save on jewelry cleaning fees and hassle professional clean at home akua sonic

We’re not called the jewelers’ best kept secret for nothing. Jewelers use the same ultrasonic technology to clean your jewelry when they go in for the spa treatment. In fact, the same ultrasonic technology is used in all sorts of professional environments - dental clinics, medical centers and science laboratories.

How to clean wedding ring at home, professionally? Try Akua Sonic Cleaner.

For more than just the jewels. Try aligners, glasses, makeup brushes and even water bottle mouth pieces!

clean aligners mouthguards dental tools in ultrasonic cleaner akua sonic

Aligners, mouthguards and other dental tools can be some of the most “icky” things we use on a daily basis. For some people, just the thought of cleaning them can be a chore. With an ultrasonic cleaner, you pop them in for a cycle or two, and they come out without saliva, plaque and stains. Effective, efficient and mess-free for daily use.

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Uncombersome cleaning that’s satisfying to watch? And a party to go with it? Invite PLEASE!

ultrasonic jewelry cleaning party akua sonic best jewelry cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaning machine party? Yes please! In heavily soiled pieces, you can often see the iconic “dust cloud” swirling away grime, dust and oils from your jewelry. Take a note from Jennifer - try this for your next girls nights, bridesmaids gift and anniversary present. Sip on some sparkling, and watch your jewelry regain their sparkle ✨




clean gently wear splendidly akua sonic cleaner get your own jewelers best kept secret

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