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Akua Sonic cleans your timeless treasures gently,  so you can wear them splendidly

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We believe in giving the best to the pieces that make you look and feel your best. Give them the TLC they deserve. Help them glow brighter for longer.

why ultrasonic jewelry cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning provides a way to thoroughly clean jewelry in ways most methods cannot. 

It cleans at a microscopic level, unrestrained by tight crevices and intricate design too complicated for most other cleaning methods.


Full Range

The full range of jewelry cleaning tools, accessories and display pieces. Thoughtfully... 

how does it work?

Using ultrasonic energy, the Akua Sonic Cleaner creates millions of nano bubbles that release and lift contaminants which build up naturally on jewelry.

In this process called "cavitation", foreign materials like oils, sweat and lotions are separated from jewelry, ensuring they don't sneakily inflict long-term damage to your prized treasures.


still curious?

  • shine baby, shine

    Watch years of unseen grime and germs twirl away in satisfying swirls.

  • gentle does it

    No scrubbing, no harsh chemicals. Just water and mild soap!

  • fast US shipping

    We ship out within 24 hours, with an average delivery time of just 4 days!

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