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How do I get the “dust cloud” effect?

Oh, you mean this? Sooo satisfying!

Just lather some dishwashing liquid onto your jewelry. Try to get it into nooks and crannies that trap oils, lotion and sweat from use. 

Note this ring was very dirty to fully demonstrate Akua's capabilities. If your pieces are cleaner or better taken care of (we sure hope they are), then the effect may not appear as dramatic. Good luck!

Will it fit my sunglasses?

Yes, your glasses and sunglasses will fit nicely in the tank with room to spare.

What's in the box?

1x Akuasonic Cleaner
1x Power Adapter
1x Quick Start Guide
1x Travel Adapter (AU Plugs only)

As part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, Akuasonic cleaners no longer include a lid. This is your chance to view the cleaning magic first hand. There is zero impact on the performance or functionality of the cleaner :) 

Does it really work with just water?

All you will need is water!

However, if you're looking for a deeper clean, lather your pieces in a drop of dishwashing liquid - this helps breakdown the oils and dirt which will dramatically improve the cleaning with that “dust cloud” effect.

Can I use Akua on costume jewelry?

You sure can! Akua is very effective for cleaning many pieces of jewelry all at once. Be mindful of pieces that use glue. Submerging in water will reduce its effect over time.

How do I use Akua?

1. Add water to the tank
2. Lather your jewelry in some liquid soap (optional)
3. Turn machine on and drop jewelry in
4. Let it run its 3 minute cycle
5. Take pieces out and dry off

What’s wrong with using a toothbrush or soap and water to clean jewelry?

Cleaning jewelry with brushes can be abrasive and cause long-term damage. Soap and water while gentle, does not do a great job especially with pieces that have intricate design or tight crevices. 

Akua’s ultrasonic cleaning technology gently removes contaminants that shorten your jewelry lifespan at a microscopic level to keep your pieces shining for longer.

Does Akua remove tarnish?

Tarnish is caused by a chemical reaction between your jewelry and the air over time. Akua is incredible at cleaning oils, dirt, makeup and germs, but it cannot undo this chemical reaction.

With that in mind, several of our customers report that they have noticed that the tarnish is easier to remove with a polishing cloth once their piece has gone through a cycle in Akua!

Will the Akua Sonic Cleaner cause damage to my jewelry?

Akua will not cause damage to jewelry when it is used properly. Gold, silver, rose gold, gold filled and gold vermeil jewelry can be cleaned. Clean only jewelry that can be submerged in water, does not have loose stones and does not have soft or porous stones (e.g. opal, amber, opal). 

Exercise caution when cleaning plated or costume jewelry. These pieces often lose color even with regular use, or contain glue that will loosen in water. Check out the What Can You Clean Guide for full details.

I can’t remove my ring, can I put my finger in it?

No, do not submerge your finger in the cleaner for extended periods. There are some great tips online to help remove your rings!

Will I receive tracking information?

Yup! We’ll provide you with your tracking number as soon as we ship it out.

Are there any health precautions I need to take?

Ultrasonic Cleaning is safe and effective, but can interfere with pacemakers due to the high frequency sound waves. Please do not use if you have a pacemaker.

Shipping & Returns

We offer 30 days return, and cover any defects or damaged items - very rare! You’re covered in our Refund Policy.

Our latest average delivery time is 12 days, and shipping is free, worldwide! Please note that certain remote towns may be subject to a 3-5 day delay. We always do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible 😊. Feel free to visit our Shipping Policy if you have further questions.

Can I get a discount?

You're a go-getter! We like you already! 🙌 Use code TOPAZ15 for 15% off at checkout 😊

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