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A Guide: Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

With so many stories of people damaging their jewelry while trying to clean them, it’s no wonder jewelry cleaning can be daunting and stressful. Even more so when it comes to cleaning valuable jewelry like expensive diamond engagement rings or sentimental pieces. 

So, just how do you clean jewelry without damage and (for us lazy ones) without too much work?  

Let me introduce you to the world of ultrasonic jewelry cleaning.


What is Ultrasonic Cleaning, and how does an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a specialized method of cleaning typically used in industries where cleanliness is of the utmost importance, like in medical or dental practices. Its main advantages lie with its thoroughness and ability to get into even the smallest of spaces. 

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In a jewelry context, they work by producing millions of microscopic bubbles that dislodge contaminants which are harmful to your jewelry, like sweat, oils and lotions. In a process called cavitation, these ultrasonic nano bubbles "lift" contaminants that normal cleaning methods simply cannot reach or clean. 

As you can imagine, this becomes particularly useful when you have intricate jewelry pieces (think thin necklace chains) or hard to reach designs (think inside the claws of a diamond ring). 

So.. how to clean jewelry with an ultrasonic cleaner?

This brings us to another advantage with ultrasonic cleaning - all you need is water and mild soap to clean your jewelry! No chemicals, no harsh scrubbing and no clean up necessary.

Mind. Blown.

And, it’s a simple 3 steps to using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner:

  1. Plug in machine and add water into the tank
  2. Lather your jewelry in some liquid soap
  3. Tap to start the machine and slide jewelry in!
  4. [optional] Dry off, and finish by polishing with a polishing or jewelry cleaning cloth
how to use the akua sonic ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

A quick tip from personal cleaning experience - try to get soap into the more intricate areas. That’s where the most build up occurs. The soap will help loosen the contaminants, making it easier for ultrasonic cleaners to lift it from your jewelry. Dabbing is usually a good technique.

What jewelry can you clean in an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

You can clean most pieces of jewelry made with hard, non-absorbent materials. 

As long as it:

  • Can be submerged in water
  • Does not contain organic, porous or soft stones (e.g. opal, pearl and emerald)
  • Isn’t already chipped or damaged
what jewelry can be cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

You can find a more detailed list for what you can clean in an ultrasonic cleaner here. Bonus: it’s not just jewelry!

What is the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner on the market?

You might be asking: What’s the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner? Or, Which is the best ultrasonic cleaner for my jewelry? The answer simply is one that you will use often

There’s nothing more damaging to jewelry than leaving contaminants that wear away at your jewelry over time. 

For me, one that I’ll use often means:

  • It’s easy to use
  • Is compact but will fit what I want to clean
  • Requires minimal clean up
  • And..looks aesthetic as well - because well, priorities!

Wrapping up: Ultra clean, ultra easy, ultrasonic jewelry cleaning

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners make the process of cleaning jewelry thorough, yet effortless (some within 3 minutes!). They provide a gentle way of cleaning through ultrasonic soundwaves without need for harsh chemical cleaners or manual scrubbing.

It’s a go-to solution for many jewelers and jewelry cleaning professionals, and should definitely be in your at-home cleaning arsenal too!


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