Akua Sonic Cleaner


How do I get the “dust cloud” effect?

Oh, you mean this? Sooo satisfying!

Just lather your jewelry with our Jewelry Cleansing Foam to get into nooks and crannies that trap oils, lotion and sweat from use before inserting into the Akua Sonic Cleaner. 

Note this ring was very dirty to fully demonstrate Akua's capabilities. If your pieces are cleaner or better taken care of (we sure hope they are), then the effect may not appear as dramatic. Good luck!

Will it fit my sunglasses?

Yes, your glasses and sunglasses will fit nicely in the tank with room to spare.

What's in the box?

1x Akua Sonic Cleaner
1x Power Adapter
1x Quick Start Guide

Does it really work with just water?

All you will need is water!

However, if you're looking for a deeper clean, lather your pieces in our Jewelry Cleansing Foam - this helps breakdown the oils and dirt which will dramatically improve the cleaning with that “dust cloud” effect.

Can I use Akua on costume jewelry?

You sure can! The Akua Sonic Cleaner is very effective for cleaning many pieces of jewelry all at once. Be mindful of pieces that use glue. Submerging in water will reduce its effect over time.

How do I use Akua?

  1. タンクに水を入れる
  1. 特別に調合されたジュエリー・クレンジング・フォーム(または食器用洗剤)でジュエリーを泡立てる。
  1. 付属の電源コードで電源に接続する
  1. ハイライトされたボタンをタップしてスタートし、ジュエリーをスライドさせる(3分サイクルの場合は短く、5分サイクルの場合は長くタップします)
  1. 柔らかい布で水分を拭き取る(オプション:2-in-1 Polish Clothで光沢を輝く)

What’s wrong with using a toothbrush or soap and water to clean jewelry?

Cleaning jewelry with brushes can be abrasive and cause long-term damage. Soap and water while gentle, does not do a great job especially with pieces that have intricate design or tight crevices. 

Akua Sonic's ultrasonic cleaning technology gently removes contaminants that shorten your jewelry lifespan at a microscopic level to keep your pieces shining for longer.

Does Akua remove tarnish?

Tarnish is caused by a chemical reaction between your jewelry and the air over time. Akua is incredible at cleaning oils, dirt, makeup and germs, but it cannot undo this chemical reaction.

With that in mind, several of our customers report that they have noticed that the tarnish is easier to remove with a polishing cloth once their piece has gone through a cycle in the Akua Sonic Cleaner!

Will the Akua Sonic Cleaner cause damage to my jewelry?


メッキ・ジュエリーやコスチューム・ジュエリーを洗浄する際は、十分注意してください。メッキやコスチューム・ジュエリーは、普通に使用しても色が落ちたり、接着剤が含まれていて水でゆるんでしまうことがあります。詳しくは、What Can You Clean Guideをご覧ください。

I can’t remove my ring, can I put my finger in it?

No, do not submerge your finger in the cleaner for extended periods.

Our Jewelry Wipes might be the solution you are looking for!

Will I receive tracking information?

Yup! We’ll provide you with your tracking number as soon as we ship it out.

Are there any health precautions I need to take?

Ultrasonic Cleaning is safe and effective, but can interfere with pacemakers due to the high frequency sound waves. Please do not use if you have a pacemaker.

Shipping & Returns

日本からのご注文は平均7日以内に到着します。送料は無料で 、追加送料が発生する場合も弊社が負担いたします。ご注文いただいた商品をできるだけ早くお届けできるよう、常に最善を尽くしております😊。



Can I get a discount?

You're a go-getter! We like you already! 🙌 Use code DIAMOND for 15% off an akua sonic cleaner at checkout 😊

If you're interested to learn about current and future promotions, visit our deals page.

Cleansing Foam Kit


Can I use this without the Akua Sonic Cleaner?

Absolutely. The Foam Care Kit holds its own when it comes to restoring your precious jewelry's shine!

Use it without your Akua Sonic Cleaner when you’re traveling, at home, or just need a quick touch up.

How long will it last?

Each bottle has between 150 & 200 individual pumps. This should be enough to last over 100 cleaning sessions - depending how dirty your jewelry is!

Does it remove tarnish?

We've included a 2-1 polishing cloth. Use the outer layer to dry after the clean, and the inner layer to remove tarnish.

Is it safe to use on my hand?

Yes. Our unique formula is non toxic and formulated with high quality plant based materials.

It is safe to clean your jewelry directly on your hands or with your fingers. However, please avoid contact with your eyes or broken skin.

On The Go Jewelry Wipes


Do the jewelry wipes remove tarnish?

While the wipes do not directly remove tarnish, they are one of the most effective ways to protect your jewelry from future tarnish and damage caused by germs, grime and contaminants.

P.S See our foam cleansing kit for tarnish removal!

When should the wipes be used?

Think salt water, beach days, hiking, hand sanitizers, after the gym and much more.

Use before a big meeting, a date night or whenever you want to restore your favorite pieces' shine.

Do I need to remove my jewelry before cleaning?

Nope! Our wipes are non toxic and skin safe. Clean on the go as needed! However, please avoid contact with your eyes or broken skin.

Travel Jewelry Case


Will this help prevent tarnish?

Yes, the travel jewelry case will act as a barrier between your jewelry and tarnish-inducing substances in the air. The soft velvet interiors will also help wick away some of the contaminants that contribute to tarnish. 

P.S See our foam cleansing kit for tarnish removal!

Is it made from real leather?

Our travel case is constructed with a premium, water-resistant, scratch-resistent PU saffiano exterior. It's not real leather, but it looks and feels the part, with the added benefit of doing a much better job keeping your precious pieces safe.

How will this case protect my jewelry when travelling?

Underneath the water-resistant PU saffiano exterior, we have inserted a hard shell protective case. (Don't worry, the inside is soft, plush and lined with suede 😉). This hard shell will not give in or bend when under pressure.You can throw our travel case in your checked luggage or carry on, and never have to worry about dropping it.

Travertine Display Tray


How do I care for the Travertine Tray?

Gently wipe it with a damp cloth and some soap if needed.

Will it scratch surfaces?

Nope! Your tray includes four very slim rubber feet (removable).

Where is the travertine sourced from?

Turkey and Italy. The travertine blocks used to make these trays vary in location depending on availability, colour and grain pattern.

Product Sets


How do product sets work?

We've bundled some of our most popular order combinations into convenient, easy to order sets. Our product sets offer the best value and always include a significant discount (or gift) when compared to ordering the items individually. 

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Email us at hello@akuasonic.com and we'd be happy to help 🙂