User Guide

Using your Akua Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner is easy, quick, and mess-free. You will need:

  • The Akua Sonic Cleaner
  • Some clean water (tap water is fine)
  • A soft dry cloth
  • Liquid soap (optional)


And, here is how to use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner:


1. Add water to the tank

Add clean water to the tank, up to the max line indicated on the inside of the tank.

2. Lather some liquid soap on your jewelry or accessories [optional]

Add a drop of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid onto your item and gently dab to cover your jewelry. Focus coverage on areas of most concern, whether it’s more dirtied, or it has small crevices or details that are usually hard to clean. This step is optional, but will help produce more thorough cleaning results by first loosening crusted contaminants prior to ultrasonic cleaning.

3. Turn Akua Sonic on, and gently slide in your item

Press the wavy “On” button located on top of the device to start a cleaning cycle. Gently slide your item into the water tank.

4. Let Akua Sonic run its 3 minute cycle

Watch the mesmerizing dust clouds swirl away!

5. Take pieces out and dry off

After the cycle, take your pieces out and dry with a soft dry cloth. And, voilà!


Curious what types of jewelry you can clean in an ultrasonic cleaner, or what else it can be used to clean? Check out our comprehensive What Can You Clean List.