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Why an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is a Must Have for Every Jewelry Lover

If you're a jewelry enthusiast, then you know how important it is to keep your prized possessions looking their best. Jewelry adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, but over time, it can start to look dull and tarnished. The occasional soap, water, baking powder and toothbrush might do the trick, but for lasting longevity and luster? That’s where an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner comes in.

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How does an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner work?

Ultrasonic cleaners clean jewelry through a process of cavitation. High-frequency sound waves made by the device create microscopic bubbles that lift layers of contaminants, such as grime, oils, lotions and germs. It is a cleaning process that is thorough, yet gentle - the type of cleaning method that gets into even the smallest crevices of your jewelry, without the damage harsh chemicals and physical cleaning usually leave scarring.



Why is an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner the preferred jewelry cleaning method?

A regular clean with common methods involving some combination of water, soap, baking soda, toothbrush and cloth is always a good idea. However, these methods are usually meant for basic maintenance, rather than a deep cleanse for jewelry longevity. Sometimes, these methods might even add another layer to trap contaminants rather than remove.

This is where an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner really shines.

It is thorough. Ultrasound produced by the cleaner operates through the cleaning liquid. A fully submerged piece of jewelry will allow the ultrasound cleaning to reach all nooks and crevices of the piece. Unlike many manual and DIY methods where you can easily miss a spot, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are much more holistic and in-depth with its cleaning technique. An added bonus with ultrasonic cleaners for jewelry is their ability to remove even previous layers left by cleaning agents for a fresh, lustrous base.

Reach is not an issue. If you have jewelry with more intricate structure or complex details, there’s only so much a toothbrush and cloth can do for you. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on the other hand, are unhindered by these irregular details and intricacies. They can clean wherever the cleaning liquid reaches.

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Rapid contaminant removal. Most commercial ultrasonic cleaners for private use have cycles running between 1-10 minutes. The Akua Sonic cleaner, for example, runs for just 3 minutes. Including time to fill the machine with water, lather some soap onto the jewelry, run a full cleaning cycle and clean the machine for storage, 5 minutes tops. 

Easy and mess free. With an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, it really is as easy as dropping the pieces in the cleaning liquid, and turning the machine on. You could make a cup of coffee, check some emails or meditate while it’s cleaning. At the end of the cycle, just toss the water, give it a rinse and dry, and you’re done! None of that setting up with a toothbrush, cleaning liquid and undivided attention on scrubbing. You don’t even have to think about, let alone clean up the mess made by toothbrush sprays!

Cleaning versatility. Ultrasonic cleaners are versatile in the materials they are able to clean. Beyond common jewelry metals (e.g. gold, silver), hard gems, glass, rubber and ceramics can also be cleaned. Due to its versatility, ultrasonic cleaners are able to clean more than jewelry. In fact, many of its uses lie in medical and dental professions, for its ability to clean multiple items quickly, easily, yet meticulously.

Can you clean all jewelry in ultrasonic cleaners?

While ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are starting to sound like the ultimate cleaning tool for jewelry lovers, it’s not a one size fits all.

Damaged, restored, porous and non-water resistant jewelry should steer clear of ultrasonic cleaners. These pieces need much more care, and may even need more TLC than a nice toothbrush scrub in warm water.

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Ultrasonic cleaners: the jewelers’ best kept secret, spilled.

For 90% of jewelry enthusiasts, getting yourself an ultrasonic cleaner to keep your pieces lasting for longer is a no brainer. No need to wonder anymore about how to clean gold rings at home, or how to clean silver jewelry well. You’ve got your own professional-grade ultrasonic jewelry cleaner at your beck and call. Happy cleaning! ✨

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