Welcome - to Akua Sonic's biggest sale of the year!

Whether you're shopping for the holidays, or finally making a move on those products you've been eyeing - we've got a deal for you!

5 set of deals will drop 3 times over the course of Black Friday. And, each drop will have at least 1 Free Akua Sonic Cleaner up for grabs (we gotchu 😉).

Deals are limited, and vary each time. Get those clicking fingers ready! 👆

💡 tips to make the most of the drops

  • Refresh the page/ cart for best results
  • Add all items to cart, then apply code
  • Codes are only claimed when someone has checked out with the code, not when it is applied in cart. If a code doesn’t work anymore - it has been claimed

Drop #1 - CLAIMED

Drop #2 - CLAIMED

Drop #3 - CLAIMED

Cyber Monday - CLAIMED


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